Nifty Hits 10000 !!

Nifty Finally hit the Sacrosanct figure of 10000.  As we have forecasted on 19 July 

As per time cycle till 9787 is held bulls can push nifty towards the scarocant figure of 10000 by 30 July.

Below are the few observation as we hit 10000.

Nifty has done the 3 fasted 1000 points journey, fastest being from 5000-6000 which was done in just 53 trading days.

Current rise took 90 trading sessions.


Valuation has become a bit expensive now but Bull markets have no Boundaries.


Correction seen in Nifty in last 7 years Highest was 15% Decline.

12 thoughts on “Nifty Hits 10000 !!”

  1. In case of first tabulation Nifty from 9000 has taken more than 27 months to reach 10000 inbetween it went to 6825 before reacing 10000.

  2. Dear Sir, great analysis. Please answer my question though – do you have any paid subscription if any ? If not then can you recommend someone who is reliable. I work 9 to 6 and its not easy for me to be on terminal 9 to 3. Thank you

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