How to maintain high level of energy during Trading Hours


During my interaction in trading session, Many traders complained they feel exhausted,loss of energy during trading hours,and when opportunity comes are unable to capitalize over a rewarding  trade. Today we will discuss above how to maintain high level of energy during trading hours.

Top traders are able to maintain high energy throughout the whole trading session, so that they are alert every second and can take advantage of trading opportunities as they present themselves.

How do they do it?

How can they maintain a high level of energy throughout the whole trading session, even though the markets might be slow or they had a few losses?

The explanation is in the “Energy Equation” – developed the Ray Burchett
(Creator of Intuitive Development for Traders).

The Energy Equation states that there two elements that move inversely to each other:
Energy and Anxiety.

As anxiety rises, your energy decreases and the vice versa.

So what causes anxiety?

On a high level, anxiety is either caused by things we can control or by things we CANNOT control.

If anxiety is caused by things we can’t control (e.g. slow markets), then we need to learn how to let go of it. And this does not only apply to trading – it applies to all areas of life. If we try to control things we can’t control, our anxiety rises – causing our energy to decrease.

If anxiety is caused by things we can control (e.g. proper execution of our trading plan), then we need to focus our efforts on these things. By focusing our efforts on things we can control, our energy rises and our anxiety falls.

Sounds simple enough?

Well, there’s one thing that’s engraved in our human nature which sabotages all our efforts:
The EGO.

Our Ego has only two purposes:

  1. To make us believe we can control things we can’t control and
  2. to make us believe we know things that we don’t know.

So our primary task is to get rid of our ego and to understand that there are some things we don’t know and things we can’t control.

Here’s something that you can do right now to help you to decrease anxiety and increase your energy:

  1. List the things you can not control as a trader, e.g. price movement or slow markets.
  2. List the things that you can control, e.g. execution of your trading plan.
  3. Let got of things that you can’t control!
  4. Focus on the things that you can control.

Do this little exercise right now and feel your energy rising.

Can you feel it?

3 thoughts on “How to maintain high level of energy during Trading Hours”

  1. The people who understand about trading has trading plan. You said anxiety rises because of “unknowns”. When we enter a trade we are entering without knowing whether it will move up or down(unknown). Trading using technicals is not science. It is only probability game. Conditioning of mind is nothing but following your trading plan sincerely (entry, stop loss, target, money management). The main problem is conditioning of mind. Statistics say roughly 5% of traders only conditioned their mind. Remaining 95% of traders don’t follow trading plan even though they have trading plan. How to be within that 5%. For that only above article is written.

  2. I can’t agree more. Especially when there is a clear trading plan of targets & S/L, there is a lot of relief and normalcy, because we sort of know the potential outputs. Our anxiety raises because of “unknowns” like when we are waiting for a bus, train, a friend, a news or a report. But if we condition our mind for max up and down, then to me it’s the state of Nirvana 🙂

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