How to Avoid the Trading Inconsistently

Have you ever experienced a trading InConsistently ? Inconsistent Trading  is the cycle of successfully making money for a certain period of time, and then becoming overconfident and careless, which usually leads to losing trades.


Most of traders at certain point of time has gone through the cycle of Inconsistent  trading. In fact, we experience the similar ups and downs in everyday activities such as sticking to a diet, maintaining personal relationships, and even in sports training.

In trading, when you are “up” and winning trades, you easily become wrapped up in your results. Your string of winning trades can make you overconfident, which can tempt you to start cutting corners and stop doing the processes that helped you win in the first place.

Once you have reached a very high level of success, and become complacent, you’ll probably fall back down to earth on your behind due to mistakes. You may even suffer a huge loss. It is only during this “down” stage that you realize your mistakes and return to what you were doing previously that made you profitable.

If you have been in this cycle far longer than you’d care to admit, don’t worry.

1. Avoid recency bias

Recency bias is the tendency of traders to be influenced by the outcomes of recent events and trades, and disregard the older (but equally important) pieces of information. This habit is problematic if your trading performance is affected by your fixation on your most recent winning or losing trades.

Here are 4 easy tips to help you eliminate recency bias:

1. Keep a detailed trade journal
2. Write down your trade plan and stick to it!
3. Always keep in mind the bigger picture
4. Don’t let emotions get in the way

2. Never be  overconfidence

While it is important to be confident when trading, it is one thing to believe that your system can work in the long run and it’s another thing to think that you know everything about forex trading and that there’s no possible way you can lose.

Once a trader becomes overconfident, he exposes himself to a whole slew of potential problems. The trader may end up trading larger positions sizes than mandated by his trading system. Or once he stops out, he may try jumping in again in the same direction, thinking that price is bound to go his way eventually.

This is why it’s important to stay humble and keep your emotions in check, even when on a winning streak. If you don’t, you may end up becoming very lenient with your execution performance, and your trading account will suffer in the long run.

The best solution is to stick to your plan and keep your ego in check!

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