Historical Nifty Movement on Budget Day

Union Budget 2017 will be presented on 01 Feb by Honorable Finance Minister Shri Arun Jatielyji. 2 Budget in the Leadership of our Beloved PM Shri Narendra Modiji. This Budget will have loads of Expectation after the Major Reform of Demonetization.

Will it be one of Dream Budget ?

Last Budget we made a Bottom at 6825 and rallied till 8969, rally of 2144 points in 5 months. What will happen after this Budget traders should watch 8100 on Downside and 8969 on Upside for Breakdown/Breakout move

Union Budget is just 3 days away, Below are the Nifty range from 1999-2016. Maximum Range on Budget day is 346 so big volatile move on cards, so trade cautiously.

Out of 20 Budget Presented we have 10 Budget where we had Positive Close and 10 Budgets we had negative close.

Most of the traders end up losing a lot of money when trading on the budget day. As most of them are not prepared both technically and Psychologically to adjust with the wild swings in market. Traders having small capital less than 5 lakhs should just stay away from market and watch the show from sidelines. Protection of Capital is 1 Goal of Trader.  So, do your own research while trading on the big day when the Union budget 2017 will be announced.


Option Trading Strategy for Union Budget 2017


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5 thoughts on “Historical Nifty Movement on Budget Day”

  1. Sir ,
    Qns 1 ) Are we talking about Nifty only ?
    can this can be applied for bank nifty too , bcos banknify swings are more pronounced than nifty and long straddle profits can be better ?

    Qns 2 ) Suppose we are stuck writing calls of bnifty 19000, can we take only a buy call option of say 19500 ? ( say the rate is 19500 at 9.30 am on budget day before the budget ) and take benefit of budget volatility ?

    Qns 3 ) The table above given for bank nifty and nifty gives the range on budget day and final close ( negative or positive )
    Can you also say that of the above tables in nifty and banknifty in which of those years the markets were technically overbought as is the case currently the mkt is overbought for 2017 budget ?


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