The difference between winning and losing in trading

Winning traders are accountable and responsible for all their trades.

Losing traders are Just Like Arvind Kejiriwal giving excuses for all their losses, They  play the victim of algos, market operators and blame the markets for their losses.

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Winners have a trading plan and mastered trading execution

Losing Traders have emotions, ego, and blame.
Winners keep working on upgrading their Skill set to take trading to next level.

Losing Traders find an excuse why they are not.


Winning traders avoid  social media during trading hours

Losing Traders are always there on Social Media and poking nose what other traders are doing.

Winning traders study at least five times as much as they trade.

Losing Traders trade with little or no study of the markets.
Winners love to trade. 

Losing Traders just care about whether their last trade was a winner or loser.


Winners think in probabilities and possibilities.

Losing Trader give way too much importance on just any one trade.
Winners are focused on how they can make money in the markets.

Losing Traders want to prove they are right.
Winning traders create lessons and learn from every trade.

Losing Traders create negative meanings and build emotional drama from every losing trade and build false egos and arrogance from every winning trade.

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  1. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win !!!

    Long live AK !!!

  2. we love comparing with stock market winners like jhunjhunwala, etc.. instead of opportunistic and inconsistent politicians who so ever . but your differentiating between winners and and others is apt.

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