Why Traders Suffer from Need to be in Trade Syndrome

Need to be in Trade Syndrome is one of the main reason for many trading account going Bust. One of the keys to successful trading is eliminating any feeling of ‘needing’ to be in a trade. We had Monetary Policy today, My Inbox was full of question with traders asking How we should trade, What is going to happen, Shall I trade or not etc.

The reason for this is Most of Traders believe if  they miss ‘this trade’ there won’t be another one like it for a long time, This feeling happens mostly in new traders or traders having less experience.  This is not the proper way to think if you want to trade successfully. The fact is, Market is always there but can you trade the market when the next opportunity comes.

Golden Step you can make today onward for developing the proper trading mindset.is Eliminating any ‘pressure’ or need to trade or make money.

Here are some common trading situations in which you can suffer from  Need to be in Trade Syndrome, simply reminding yourself that will help you stay patient and in a mindset that’s conducive to successful trading.

Important Economic and Political Event Round the corner

Monetary  Policy, Economic Data Release , Outcome of Election Results, Release of Result of company, try to avoid trading during this time if you account size is less than 5 lakh.  The kind of volatility seen during this period can blow your account. So when such events are there avoid trading. Remind yourself market will be there tomorrow.

You has Series of Winner

This typically happen during a trending phase,If you start feeling i can know the next move of market quiet easily you are in extreme danger.  you really need to stop trading and remind yourself that the market will be there tomorrow. Close up your computer, take a break for a couple days, take the rest of the week off,  or else you will lose all the winnings you just made and probably more.

The market isn’t going anywhere, opportunities will be there when you come back.

Exiting a trade too soon

How many times have you entered a good trade and but exited early as trade was not moving anywhere and as soon as you Exit and Boom, Prices just explode as if market was waiting for you to exit. You feel bad really bad. During such period feeling of reentering the trade comes and as soon as you enter and price start falling down. This is a mistake many traders make and lose big chuck of their capital

To help you stop exiting trades too early, remember that the market will be there tomorrow.
Simply reminding yourself I should avoid  Need to be in Trade syndrome  that the market will be there tomorrow will help you remain patient, and improve your trading.

9 thoughts on “Why Traders Suffer from Need to be in Trade Syndrome”

  1. sir, you are really geneous, i have read your articles feel one great guru mother protecting kid from all odds, thanks sir, after many losses i saw a great rishi waiting for us with great knowledge.

  2. Market is market it doesnt care what you think or feel.It will behave the way it wants to behave.Market is a beast and it will be volatile.And if we are traders we need to learn how to ride it.

    This kind of events are great opportunity to trade inorder to make a quick buck.The best instrument to trade in volatility would be Options e.g.
    if one had bought 8400put @ 30 and 9000 call @ 36 just before the RBI conf say around 1.45 to 2.15 with a stop loss of Rs.2.00 on each option,He would have made a cool Rs.3.00 net profit which is 8.33 % return in a single day.

    If u have ten volatile events like this then your returns are amplified to around 80% p.a and I am not talking compounded.

    Finally Bramesh is right you should not over trade.But yes there is a way to trade any market if ONLY one knows how to trade with proper risk management and profit target.

  3. The most important part of trading is trading psychology. We are not trading market but we are trading our beliefs about the market. Its just a probability and during events like budget, results, RBI policy its better to stay out.
    What I learned from Bramesh Sir is to protect capital bcoz its one of important thing which we use to make money

  4. This problem is with those whose trading capital is very less and trade generally one or two lots…they expect to trade and earn daily to make any significant impact on their bank account…on the contrary they loose and blow up their ac…. I always recommend to trade in min 3 lots…this will absolve you off any compulsion to trade daily and you shall enter only when your desired set up comes giving you a significant return ..I still insist…trading is not for small trading account holders..sooner or later you will exit the market

  5. I quite fit to such trades. Thanks a lot for your kind write up. Henceforth, promise I will follows this ” the market will be there tomorrow.”

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