Sybly Industries: Stock Showing Multi Year Breakout

Sybly Industries

We have covered this stock in our last analysis,

Traders can take long in range of 8-8.2 with SL of 7.7 and Target of 9.2-9.5.

Stock made a High of 9.6 last Friday thus fulfilling our target.

Sybly is also showing a good Year Long Breakout and Volumes have been pretty good in last few sessions. As per Elliot Wave Theory Stock can show a rise till 11.5-12 before showing any decent correction.


So as per below chart

Traders can take long in range of 9-9.3 with SL of 8.5 and Target of 11.5-12 .


The above  Stocks is not investment pick  as I am not expert in Fundamental analysis but a short term pick for gain of 10-20% purely based on Technical Analysis.Please also do your own study before trading this stock and trade in small quantity.

5 thoughts on “Sybly Industries: Stock Showing Multi Year Breakout”

  1. Its a technical call. I have told this when stock was trading at 8 now trading at 10 so till my sl is not triggered am happy to hold. I do not have expertise on FA..

  2. Fundamentally this company has nothing going for it. And, most shares in the company are held by individuals.

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