Railway Budget 2016 Highlights

Railway Minister : Looking to borrow Rs 20,000 cr this fiscal. Targeting capex of Rs 1.21 lakh cr over FY17.
Positive comments on spending front and corridor associated companies like Concor, GDL, Alstom etc. While budget likely to adverse impact fiscal position of Government
RAIL BUDGET 2016: Revenues To Be 10% Higher At Rs. 1.84 Lk Cr For FY17…..RAIL BUDGET 2016: Time Tabled Freight Trains By 2020
 Will Tap Rupee Bond Market Overseas To Raise Funds
* Plan Kharagpur-Vijaywada freight corridor
* Plan Mumbai-Kharagpur freight corridor
* Decongestion on Jalandhar-Jammu line going on
* To put 3 freight corridor projects on high priority
* Mizoram, Manipur to come under broad gauge network soon
* Will scout overseas for rupee bonds
* To scout international markets for rupee bonds
* Secured funding from LIC at favourable terms
* Bankable projects assured of funding now
* LIC to invest 1.5 trln rupees over 5 years
* 1 rupee invest in rail can impact econ output by factor of 5
* In partnership with SAIL, NTPC, coal ministry on funding
* Signed MoUs with 6 states for JVs
* Got expressions from 17 states to form JVs
* MoUs with zonal railways for quantifying performance
* Forming JV with states for local rail projects
* Availing multilateral financing for station development
* Cabinet approved redevelopment of 400 stations via PPP model
* Bidding process in advanced stage to redevelop 4 stations
* To undertake bidding to redevelop some big stations next yr
* To raise quota of lower berth for women, senior citizens
* To build additional toilets in 475 stations before FY16 end
* Aim 17,000 bio-toilets before FY16 end
* Initiated audit for punctuality of passenger trains
* Disposable bed rolls at all stations for all classes
* 311 railway stations currently under CCTV surveillance
* All stations to have CCTV surveillance in phased manner
* Anti-falling measures in suburban coaches
* To eliminate accidents by adopting latest technology
* Entered into R&D pacts with Korea, Japan to improve ops
* All railway stations to be under CCTV surveillance in phases
* Supporting 120,000 concurrent users now vs 40,000 earlier
* Installed CCTV cameras at 311 stations


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