Nifty Weekly Forecast for Feb Expiry

Last Week we gave Chopad Levels  of 7035 , Nifty gave short entry on Wednesday and did all 1 targets on downside and gave Long Entry again on Wednesday  which did 2 target on Upside and closed near the high point of the week thus rewarding discipline chopad followers by 200 points. Lets analyses how to trade nifty next week as we have Feb Expiry

Nifty Hourly Chart

NIFTY - Pyrapoint

Hourly chart are trading near 225 degree gann angle @7280 Range of 7240-7290 is very crucial test for both Bulls and Bears. Aboveit can see fast move till 7400/7425. Unable to cross than correction till 7130/7075

Nifty Harmonic

Black Swan Harmonic Pattern

As discussed last week Nifty completed its black swan harmonic pattern so closing above 7043, can see move till 7151/7238. Both Target done.


Now close above 7240 Tgt 7325/7450

Nifty Gann Angles

Gann Angles

Gann Angles also suggest a move till 7400


Nifty Supply and Demand

Supply Demand_Weekly

Close above 7242 om Weekly basis can target 7600.

Nifty Gann Date

Nifty As per time analysis  24 Feb  is Gann Turn date , except a impulsive around this dates. Last week we gave 15/19 Nifty saw a volatile move.

Nifty Gaps

For Nifty traders who follow gap trading there are 6 trade gaps in the range of  7000-9000, rest all gaps were filled in the last week fall.

  • 8327-8372
  • 7387-7275
  • 7298-7271
  • 8937-8891
  • 8251-8241
  • 8232-8209
  • 8116-8130

Fibonacci technique

Fibonacci Retracement

nifty fibo

7290/7129/7420 levels to be watched in coming week.

Nifty Weekly Chart

NIFTY - Weekly Trendline

It was positive week, with the Nifty up by 229 points  closing @7211 bounced from 200 W SMA, As discussed last week  Time Analysis also suggest we have corrected 49 week from the high of 9119,  so we might have formed short term bottom.

Trading Monthly charts

nifty monthly

Monthly chart bounced from 78.6% support.

Nifty PE


Nifty PE @19.5

Nifty Weekly Chopad Levels

Nifty Trend Deciding Level:7246

Nifty Resistance :7300,7370,7420

Nifty Support :7195,7132,7040


Levels mentioned are Nifty Spot

Let me go by Disclaimer these are my personal views and trade taken on these observation should be traded with strict Sl.Please also read the detailed Disclaimer mentioned in the Right side of Blog.

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13 thoughts on “Nifty Weekly Forecast for Feb Expiry”

  1. Nifty Harmonic works very wonderful I have been tracking it from last two months and it provides very good results. Thanks Bramesh Sir for the updates.

  2. Thanks Bramesh. I presume that it is a weekly level, right. For back testing, how do I compute it (if it’s not proprietary. Thanks

  3. U can take anytime if and when it comes with 20 points SL.. If SL gets triggered 2 times in a day no further trade..

    Also request you to do backtesting for at least 3 months before taking any live trades..

    Please make rule and risk management you are comfortable with..

  4. Amazing analysis as always. If you look at the August lows, mkt fell from 8300-7800 or so, recovered to 8000 then bottomed at 7550. Here we fell from 7950-6975 and have recovered 250 points, so 1 more low near 6800 is likely.

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