Impact of the Union Budget on the Indian Stock Market

Budget day has been seen as one the The most important trading days in the history of the stock markets.Budget day trading is a Speculator’s delight. Huge swings can be seen in stocks based on how the market perceives what the finance minister just spoke. The reactions are instantaneous when one perceives the huge benefit for the huge disadvantage that comes up due to the addition or removal of some duty.

Union Budget is just 2 days away, Below i have discussed Nifty range from 1999-2014. Maximum Range on Budget day is 346 so big volatile move on cards, so trade cautiously.


4 thoughts on “Impact of the Union Budget on the Indian Stock Market”

  1. That’s quite normal Satu Ji.
    As your experience and knowledge increases, you tend to get less shocked by any new knowledge and consequent impact will be lesser.
    So, it’s a great sign of your personal growth.

  2. Bramesh..i have taken few stocks for BTST – Tata Elxsi (1730), NBCC (875), Siemens (995) for next week. Is it safe to hold these stocks or exit on monday asap?

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