Do you want to be a trader ?

A story will explain you the answer better.

One day a teen boy was watching football on the TV.  He got very excited about the game and wanted to learn it.
One day while walking down the street from school to his home, he saw a football training in process. He went to the coach and asked if the coach would teach him.
“Sir,  will you teach me the game? “said the boy.
” Why do you wanna play the game? ” asked the coach.
” I love this game,  and I want to be like Ronaldo. ” replied the boy eagerly.
” Come meet me on the beach tomorrow morning. ”
” But why? ”
” Just do as I say! ”

The next day when the guy reaches to the beach,  he finds the coach already there waiting for him.

” Strip off your clothes and go into the water. ”
” But,  I don’t wanna learn swimming,  I wanna learn football “.
” Go on!! ”
The boy went into the sea, the water now to his neck.
” A few more steps.. ”
The boy follows and starts choking.
He fights back to go out but…

When he opens his eyes, he sees the coach sitting in front of him waiting for him to rise.

” I was almost, dead!! Why did you even want me to go into the see. I don’t understand. ” exclaimed the boy.
” What was the only thing you wanted to do when you were choking? ”
” I just wanted to breathe,  breathe a lot of air. ”

” Exactly,  the only thing you were desperate for was to breathe. And the day when this desperation would come for football,  I will start training you. “

Motto: To achieve something,  you gotta have to want it so much that nothing else matters.  It should be your only goal and motive in life. And then you will reach success. It’s about the things you would do and how you would do.

5 thoughts on “Do you want to be a trader ?”

  1. The story should be inferred as below:

    If you don’t know swimming, do not enter the sea. Learn first and then start with lesser depth and move gradually.

    Wanting to breathe will not save you from the depths of sea, if you do not know swimming unless the desperate act makes you learn it as we did when our elders would throw us, small children, into the well and we come out expert swimmers. The story is relevant in this context: That is, because as small children we had less fear and more zest for life, we thrashed our legs and hands and learnt quickly the art of floating.

    If you’re full of opinions and ego as well as fear and greed, the start market ocean will devour you, even in the case of experts.

    In sum, lighten up and shed your pre-conceived notions; let go off fear and greed. And learn to understand the “undercurrents of the market(sentiments) and flow with it.

    My two cents.

    P.S: I drowned once to the bottom of this ocean and was given a second chance and am using it fairly well.

  2. The story infers that one needs to be desperate (To achieve your motto… nothing else matters). However, a fine line needs to be drawn between desperation and obsession. A novice trader like me can become so desperately obsessed, that it becomes compulsive to trade. The result is nothing less than being doomed. The author impresses upon the need to have burning desire and passion to trade. Passion and psychology are explicitly linked in trading.

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