Stock market is the most wonderful place to make money

Stock market is “the most” wonderful place to make money “for the prepared“.
And stock market is “the most hellish place” to loose money “for the unprepared”.

What are you?

Are you prepared?

Prepared with a plan and applying yourself? The measure of your preparedness should reflect in your successes. If there is no success, then you have still not reached that “preparedness”.
If you’re you not prepared? 

Go away, spend good amount of time preparing yourself, while watching the market with detachment but only for study purposes while “saving money for the capital“.
Do you find the market difficult to “master”, Stay away till you master the market study & its application.
Persons who have no focus would indulge in all kinds of activities except the one that matters the most -“of making money”.

Stay focused on the purpose of making money.
Stay prepared.
This is the only way to master your way around to make money. Sportsmen don’t whine; they just get on with the next attempt and the next and on & on. They carry on with continuous preparations against the opponents who change everyday and each challenge is faced with a new preparation. Each game is played with gay abandon but with sharp focus and with the seriousness it deserves.
If you do not consider it serious enough, it’ll reflect in your results.

Rarely a sportsman blames another for his defeat. He owns up, reflects on it cool headedly, learns something new and move on more prepared. Move on.

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