How to develop yourself as Profitable trader

In order to start making progress, we need to deconstruct what it means to learn.

Throughout life you’ve probably believed that reading something and being able to explain what you read to another person is learning. That’s more or less what traditional education has defined as learning, and when you’re unable to do it you believe that you have failed. That’s not learning; that’s memorization.

And it might get you through school, but it won’t get you through life and trading.

If I brought you to the swimming pool with me, you could watch me swim for hours, listen to my explanation of how to swim.

The minute we got in the water, it would be worthless. It’s almost guaranteed that you would fail . But that’s how you learn to swim.You have to be willing to fall in order to stand.


If you keep swimming, you’ll eventually catch a the knack to swim and you would start enjoying your swim.
You never really stop learning how to swim. But the more you do it, something really interesting starts to happen. Your skill level increases exponentially. You become leaps and bounds better than you were before.
I’ve found that developing any skill specially trading seems to have a similar curve.

You start out incompetent. Then you develop competence. That eventually leads to skill, which leads to performance. The funny thing is, even after you reach the level that could be viewed as performance, you’ll plateau again. But if you keep trying you’ll break through the plateau, and when you hit the next one, you’ll be exponentially better than you were before.


Now try to correlate your trading with Swimming, You do not learn swimming in  a day or two, It takes years of practices with proper guidance from your coach. With proper training, correcting mistakes by your coach, hard work and persistence you start enjoying your swimming

Swim _learn

On the Similar grounds you cannot become expert trader over night, You need to have proper training, correcting mistakes by your coach, hard work and persistence you start enjoying your trading.

TO be a good trader learn and master the process.

7 thoughts on “How to develop yourself as Profitable trader”

  1. Sir, great wisdom shared. Keep it up.. Highly appreciate your simplest way of correlating things – to make us understand the real path to trading & art of perfecting it. Thanks a lot for motivating us.

  2. Eye opening revelation on what is memorising and what is learning. Why it did not catch us? Surprising!!!.
    We think that making money in stock trading or investing is easy and plunge into the pool and get drowned.
    Then we blame ourselves and others. we do not learn trading. It takes 10000 hrs to learn. Let us not under estimate.


  4. Sir, awesome article. Doing something without expecting anything is really marvellous. You have been sharing these kind of articles from many years without expecting anything from your followers. Thanks a lot for motivating all.

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