Happy Dussehra:What we can learn from this Festival

A day of celebrations of good over evil.
We celebrate “Ram’s victory over Ravan”. And it happened thousands of years ago. And we continue to do celebrations and stopped at that. Only a handful have gone on to fight the good fight to overcome the evil within us. Others simply complain of the evil around us.

Nothing can manifest around you if it does not reside in you.
If corruption is around you, kill the corruption inside you first and the external corruption will come to an end. It would take years but that is “the only way”. The impatient one gets nothing done.
If there is ignorance around you, light a lamp of knowledge within you.

“Pick my brain” & don’t “pick on me”; and pick up “something” from my observations as well.Understand firstly that market is dynamic a continually changing place. And if you find that difficult, you need to brush up on the basics again & again before entering here.


Happy Dussehra. May Lord Ram’s blessings be showered on you. 

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