Bank Nifty October Expiry Analysis

  • As discussed in last analysis  Any close below the trendline bank nifty can move towards 17652 and 17434 support as shown in below chart. Nifty opened with gap down breaking the trendline and demand zone and continue falling through out the session and closed tad above 17368 new demand zone, if tomorrow bank nifty unable to sustain above 17368 we can see downmove till 17208/17103 and on upside 17445/17600. How to Build Confidence as a Trader

Supply Demand


  • Bank Nifty October Future Open Interest Volume is at 13.2  lakh with liquidation of 3.2 Lakh with increase in CoC suggesting short  position were closed today. Rollover of Bank nifty is @ 17863 and rollover stands at 51.4.
  • 18000  CE  OI at 8  lakh with addition of 1.3  lakh suggesting , wall of resistance @ 18000 .17800 CE added 1.4 lakh and 17500 CE added 0.93  lakh so bears after capturing 18000 CE are now targeting 17500 CE. 17000-18000 CE added 8.9 Lakh, major blow by bears in expiry week as we have been discussing closing below 17850 bears have upper hand.
  • 17000 PE OI@ 5.6  lakhs  strong base @ 17000.  17500 PE liquidated 1.8  lakh so major liqudiation was seen by bulls,17000/17200 CE added 1.72 lakh so fight is on for 17200 PE tomorrow on expiry day.

Buy above 17450 Tgt 17600,17682 and 17800 (Bank Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 17250 Tgt 17200,17103 and 17040 (Bank Nifty Spot Levels)

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3 thoughts on “Bank Nifty October Expiry Analysis”

  1. If fed hikes rates its actually good .. We will be left with no uncertainity… Some times bad news is good…

  2. With Stock Markets almost recovering in US and around the globe…
    US. Federal reserve could hike rate today itself…
    Yellen would surprise everyone ….

    Big Crash in World Markets tomorrow….. specially EM’s..

    Lets see..

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