FII FnO Data Analysis for 24 Aug


  • FII’s sold 104 K contract of Index Future worth 2416 cores ,33.9 K Long contract were squared off by FII’s and 70.5 K  short contracts  were added  by FII’s. Net Open Interest increased  by 36.6K contract, so today’s fall in market was used by FII’s to exit long and enter  shorts in index futures .Want to be Profitable Trader,Develop the following Qualities
  • Nifty opened with huge gap down, continued to trade in small range and showed sign off short covering during the last hour. Now again Nifty will open Gap down of Monday taking cues from global market and most likely will break the 90 degree pyrapoint line suggesting a move towards 8165/8124 is possible. MML support zone is shown in below chart.Weekly Analysis for Nifty and Bank Nifty

NIFTY - Pyrapoint

Nifty MML

  • Nifty August Future Open Interest Volume is at 1.47  core with addition of 0.79 Lakh, with decrease in CoC suggesting  short  positions got added today.NF Rollover price gave almost 200 points from 8503
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 4.12 core with total contract traded at 6.7 lakh . PCR @0.94.
  • 8400  CE  OI at 41.5 lakh , wall of resistance @ 8400 .8200/8500 CE added 37 lakh in OI so bears added aggressively today in 8400 /8300 CE.  FII bought 35 K CE longs and 25.8 K CE were shorted  by them.Retail bought 160 K CE contracts and 103 K CE were shorted  by them.
  • 8200 PE OI@ 54  lakhs  strong base @ 8200.  8300/8600 PE  liquidated 33  lakh so major liquidation was seen in  8400/8500 PE still bulls are holding  and 33 lakh from start of series . FII bought 52 K PE longs and 11.4K shorted PE were covered by them.Retail sold 29 K PE contracts and 50 K PE contracts were shorted by them.Retailers buying CE and market falling down.

Buy above 8185 Tgt 8205,8240 and 8282 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 8145 Tgt 8124,8100 and 8080 (Nifty Spot Levels)

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9 thoughts on “FII FnO Data Analysis for 24 Aug”

  1. Puneeth,
    Please dont ask such questions in this forum. I know no question is a foolish question but even then. You can first go and get yourself updated rather than coming to this post as a wandered and post such questions. If you don’t know even the lot size of Nifty from October then I highly doubt your presense here. I am sorry Bramesh and anyone who would not have liked me challenging this question but I could not stop myself.

  2. Indian Market are likely to open gap down of 100-150 points thats why we have kept such levels.


  3. Is it implied that only sell below 8185 is in vogue now as the closing is @8299 ? Am I getting it correct?

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