Nifty technical structure before crucial Fed Meet Outcome


  • FII’s sold 5.4 K contract of Index Future worth 217 cores ,5.7 K Long contract were squared off by FII’s and 0.2  K  short contracts  were squared off by FII’s. Net Open Interest decreased  by 0.6 K contract, so todays rise was used by FII’s to exit majority longs and partial shorts in index futures. Trading Rules of Professional Trader
  • Nifty continued with formation of Higher High and Higher low but got sold of from the trendline resistance as shown in below chart, 8136-8140 as shown in below chart, Support has risen to 8045-8055 range. So if today low is broken high probability we can see move towards 7960/7980 range where trendline support lies, above 8136 bulls needs to cross 8163 level and above that 8192 can come swiftly.

 nifty hourlyNIFTY - Pyrapoint

Nifty Gunner





  • Nifty June Future Open Interest Volume is at 1.56 core with addition of 0.94 Lakh, with decrease in CoC suggesting shorts have entered  in system
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 2.54  core with total contract traded at 5.3 lakh. PCR @0.93
  • 8500  CE  OI at 50.1 lakh , wall of resistance @ 8500 .8000/8500 CE added 7.9 lakh  ,so  bears added majority in 8100 and are  still holding 1.25 core in open position. FII bought 78.4 K  CE longs and 24.5 K CE  were shorted   by them.Retail sold 0.41 lakh CE contracts. So FII’s bought heavily in CE contact highest in series.
  • 8000 PE OI@ 49.2  lakhs so strong base @ 8000.  8100/8500 PE added 4 lakh so bulls got lease of life but still no major addition seen  . FII sold 0.04 K PE longs and 22.8 K shorted  PE were covered by them.Retail bought 0.68 lakh PE contracts.So FII’s long in CE and Retailers long in PE.
  • FII’s sold 940 cores   in Equity and DII’s bought 1447 cores in cash segment.INR closed at 64.11.


Buy above 8100 Tgt 8135,8180 and 8223 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 8076 Tgt 8048,8004 and 7960 (Nifty Spot Levels)


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6 thoughts on “Nifty technical structure before crucial Fed Meet Outcome”

  1. HI Bramesh,

    By seeing open interst for Future and option how to understand short buildup or long buildup

  2. Hi Bramesh,
    As usual superb analysis. I think FIIs have sold 0.4K PE longs and they have shorted 22.8K PE contracts. they did not cover PE shorts. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.

  3. Hey Bramesh,

    Thanks for the update, i had just a question looking at your charts and after reviewing mine, hasnt there been a evening star formation on the daily charts?

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