Nifty rallies on hope of rate cut,FII FnO Data Analysis


  • FII’s bought 177 K contract of Index Future worth 3823 cores ,121 K Long contract were added by FII’s and 55 K  short contracts  were squared by FII’s. Net Open Interest increased  by 66 K contract. Highest number of Longs added by FII’s in 2015 in single day also before RBI policy on 2 June. Is it possible for an amateur trader to make sustainable profits ?
  • Nifty reacted from the zone of support as shown in below chart, took support near  20 SMA, and reacted sharply on last trading day of the month and is now entering the crucial resistance zone before the RBI policy on 02 June.  AS per Gunner also we are near red arc suggesting testing time ahead. Monday can be a rangebound day with volatile moves 8394-8483 before the RBI policy.

nifty hourlyNifty Gunner

  • Nifty June Future Open Interest Volume is at 1.58 core with addition of 28.7 lakh, with increase in CoC suggesting longs have entered in the system.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 1.72 core with total contract traded at 6.8 lakh. PCR @0.84
  • 8500  CE  OI at 22.4  lakh , wall of resistance @ 8500 .8100/8400 CE added 1.8 lakh  ,so no major addition by bears. FII bought 96.3 K  CE longs and 8.2 K CE shorted  were covered by them.Retail traders created 1.45 lakh shorts in CE contracts.
  • 8000 PE OI@ 41.3 lakhs so strong base @ 8000.  8100/8500 PE added 20.7 lakh so bulls  added aggressively today.  FII sold 19.1 K PE longs and 18.2 K PE  were shorted  by them.Retail traders created 3.2 lakh shorts in PE contracts.
  • FII’s bought 2284  cores  in Equity and DII’s sold 2267  cores in cash segment.INR closed at 63.82


Buy above 8444 Tgt 8460,8480 and 8504 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 8392 Tgt 8370,8255 and 8230 (Nifty Spot Levels)


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6 thoughts on “Nifty rallies on hope of rate cut,FII FnO Data Analysis”

  1. From the option chain, it is noted that on the Call side max addition of OI of 665450 was at CE8700 & the max OI of 3511525 is at CE8800 …………….. How do you interpret this?

  2. Sir with this huge buying by FFI and buying in options also…should we carry longs ???what’s next resistance level

  3. hi many traders,experts are saying big numbers for nifty some says 8000 some says 9000. i would say follow one thing small numbers like yesterday brahmesh sir gives 8319 as trend changer level and intraday buying 8325 spot both r near by . i bought 100 quantity very small put stop loss 8270 which is intraday short level from brahmesh sir. i booked 50 quantity @8425 and carrying half. now i would put sl according to trend change level each day. what ever market does i dont care. it must rewarded me thats all . for got all news ,cnbc chanels , all good expert which r in market for last 2 to 3 years . follow only one person brahmesh sir .level to level trade . follow strict stop loss entry ,exit and booking partial profit. you will never loose if u trade 2 to 3 month continue. shyamal dattani 9898829824

  4. I think 8575 is the best case scenario upto the RBI, this is the 20 wma, market is sitting on the 50 DMA. The RBI is faced with problems if rates are cut significantly they risk weakening the Rupee further which would be inflationary and cause FCCB restructuring issues etc, either way this appears to be a intermediate bounce before a larger decline resumes taking us below 8000.

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