So You Want To Trade For A Living?

New Financial Tear is starting , Have a look at your ledger of last Financial Tear and see were you able to make profit for the year. If yes Well and Good If no ask yourself the following questions:
1. Do I treat my trading like a business? Have I prepared for it the way I would for a business?

2. Do I have a trading plan—a working document (not a mental note) to guide my trading business?

3. Do I make mistakes regularly (a mistake means not following my rules)?

4. Am I following any corrective procedure to prevent mistakes?

5. Do I have a back tested trading system?

6. Do I know how that system will perform in different kinds of markets?

7. Do I know what kind of market we are in now and know what to expect from my system in such a market?

8. Do I have exit points preplanned for every position I currently have in the market?

9. Have I developed specific objectives for my trading?

10. Do I accept responsibility for that creation?

11. Do I regularly work on myself to make sure that I follow the points above?


Write down all the responses that are true for you. If your score is below 7 of the 11, you are not taking your trading seriously. Your financial health is in danger.

You create your own results, and your results right now come  from playing a game with no training.


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  1. My score only 4 on 11…not ignorant but confused how to do…so worried. Want to join Bramesh’s courses(not online)

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