Nifty April Expiry Analysis, Trading Strategy for 30 April


  •  Nifty formed an inside day pattern today trading well between yesterday High and low , but closing below 200 DMA and taking suspense of next big move on expiry day. Bulls have in favor nifty on daily chart took support at median line of Andrew Pitchfork also unable to make lower low, Also took support near 270 degree  line of Pyrapoint line, As per Gunner also took support near the green channel as shown in below charts, suggesting the selling momentum is fading. Bears have in their favour is Nifty unable to make higher high and close below 200 DMA. Expiry can make or break the market as disappointment from US fed with break of 8185 can lead to huge unwinding of position and market can see a downmove till 8114/8085 odd levels. Higher side close above  220 degree line @8375 will change the trend to bullish. We have trading Holiday on Friday so tomorrow is last trading day for the week. AF

Nifty Gunner

NIFTY - Pyrapoint


  • Nifty April Future Open Interest Volume is at 1.10 core with liquidation of 31 lakhs with  cost of carry going negative  suggesting  long position got closed.Rollover has started and we are seeing 52% rollover around 8300  in market till date.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 4.63 core with total contract traded at 6.4 lakh. PCR @0.88
  • 8400  CE  OI at 46.6  lakh , wall of resistance @ 8400 .8200/8400 CE saw addition of 16.4  lakhs ,so  bears  added fresh position also  holding on to majority of positions. FII bought 26.1 K  CE longs and 22.2 K CE  were shorted by them.
  • 8200 PE OI@ 57 lakhs so strong base @ 8200.  8400/8600 PE liquidated 4.8   lakh so bulls are stuck with panic still no addition seen in PE .  FII sold 55 K PE longs and 8.8 K PE  were shorted  by them.


  • FII’s sold 718 cores  in Equity and DII’s bought 912  cores in cash segment.INR closed at 63.3.


Buy above 8256 Tgt 8280,8300 and 8344 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 8219 Tgt 8200,8169 and 8114(Nifty Spot Levels)

Upper End of Expiry:8328

Lower End of Expiry:8151


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13 thoughts on “Nifty April Expiry Analysis, Trading Strategy for 30 April”

  1. None can predict the market so accurately, if can he would be the billionaire, at least reasonable accuracy is good enough to make good money.I thinks you should first go through the fundamentals. This is a just suggestion. No offense.

  2. Sir, I have been reading your articles.They are very well not only regarding trading but also regarding psychology of trading. You are making great help for all traders at free of cost. We all are thankful to you.

  3. Bramesh Bhai, After a good Gap down, in first 15 minutes itself 2 sell targets crossed. In this scenario we still have to wait for the sell signal which was sell below 8219 or take a trade near 8169-70.

    Thanks n regards,

  4. I know but i need to clarify my students doubt first, and its takes away most of time.


  5. no body … absolutely NO BODY knows which way market will move after 30 mins …. so only fools will take directional calls without waiting for any cues from market …

  6. Good reply from fan.. You should never have a biased opinion as markets are supreme.. Go with the trend as trend is friend..

  7. @reena: u seems to b new in trading , kindly keep a screenshot of ur comment ,and refer it after one year ,ul surely feel d immaturity in it. No offence ,just my view !

  8. sir..ur trading ideas are great..i am learning lot of ideas from ur blog..if u give share ideas or give ur ideas about any query regarding some stocks, answering some question for some stocks, hope ur blog will be the most liked one of the world..

  9. As a trader you need to be prepared for uncertainty. My trading style do not let me make biased views. I enter market with open mind and ready to trade which side the price moves based on my trading system.

    Its “MY” way of trading and if it does not suit your trading style please ignore my view and analysis.


  10. Sir u give position trade to both ways…..why?up trend and downside too as u r also not sure which way nifty is head ing for!!

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