Questionnaire for Traders

The following questionnaire asks you to assess your emotional experience during your trading. Specifically, you’ll be rating how often you’ve experienced the following feelings over the past two weeks. Below, I’ll explain how to score the questionnaire; please complete the items before looking at the scoring. My next post will explain how to interpret your results.

Please use the following scale for your responses:

1 = rarely
2 = occasionally
3 = sometimes
4 = often
5 = most of the time

1) I feel happy when I’m trading _____
2) I feel stressed when I’m trading _____
3) I feel alert and energetic when I’m trading _____
4) I feel discouraged when I’m trading _____
5) I feel capable of succeeding at my trading _____
6) I blame myself when my trading doesn’t work out _____
7) I feel satisfied with my trading results _____
8) I feel edgy and frustrated when I’m trading _____
9) I feel in control of what happens in my trading _____
10) I make impulsive decisions when I’m trading _____


Add the scores for the odd items. That is your positive emotional experience score: _____
Add the scores for the even items. That is your negative emotional experience score: ____

5 thoughts on “Questionnaire for Traders”

  1. You will make a strategic investor. Just ensure you follow your own assessment and gut feelings and don’t get carried away by hypes or suggestions of others. Lead the pack, instead of being led by anyone.
    You prepare yourself for the market but when it comes to taking the right calls you get swayed by other’s. Just remember this anecdote – “Not one factor determines a market and not person does. What does make profit is patience, perseverance and preciseness.”
    Read a lot. Assess global situations. Understand implications of geo-political issues. Keep abreast of industry vertical performances. Monitor top companies which constitute 80% of the trade. And remember, it’s your precious money – trade with all your five senses in active mode.

  2. Dear Bramesh,

    I would like to add one more point in the above questionnaire.

    Add one more sub question to each one of the above questions “why….?” The answer for this “why…?” must be with few lines of reasons. What i mean to say one must mention the reasons in few lines about why he selected a particular score number. This will make the trader introspect himself about his mindset while taking trading decisions. And in the long run analyses of these reasons open the door for the solutions of mistakes committed.

    I believe knowing only score is not enough. One must be fully clear in his mind with reasons while scoring and that will lead him to the solutions of the problems faced. Though it is a tough task to give reasons about mental psychology while taking trading decision, it is a must for one if he wants to learn from the mistakes committed. Without self introspection, learning by heart is not possible at all.

  3. Q1: 1
    Q2: 1
    Q3: 5
    Q4: 1
    Q5: 3
    Q6: 5
    Q7: 2
    Q8: 1
    Q9: 3
    Q10: 1

    Positive emotions: 21
    Negative emotions: 2

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