Nifty saw volatile move, FII FnO Data Analysis


  • FII’s sold 21.8 K contract of Index Future worth 487 cores,21.1 K Long contract were squared off  by FII’s and 608 short contracts  were added  by FII’s. Net Open Interest decreased  by 20 K contract.
  • After yesterday consolidation with formation of DOJI candlestick, Nifty saw a volatile move today, Range for the day was just 120 points but nifty moved 300 points during the session. As discussed in Weekly Analysis we are in volatile cycle and it will be there till 27 March.  As per Pyrapoint Analysis Nifty has closed above the 135 degree line @8672 and now 8761-8780 range  should be watched for next 2 session. Closing above it uptrend continues till 8850/8891 unable to close above it can see Nifty moving towards 8555 odd levels.

NIFTY - Gann Box

NIFTY - Pyrapoint

  • Nifty March Future Open Interest Volume is at 2.41 core with liquidation of 8.5 lakhs with decrease in cost of carry.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 2.99 core with total contract traded at 6,lakh. PCR @0.85.
  • 9000  CE  OI at 54.3 lakh but saw liquidation of 0.49 lakh,wall of resistance @ 9000 .8700/8900 CE liquidated 8.4 lakhs,so  bears squared off few positions  but still holding 80  lakhs in past 4 session so bulls are still not out of woods. FII bought 23.8 K CE longs and 17.5 K  CE were shorted by them.
  • 8500 PE OI@ 48.8  lakhs so strong base @ 8500. 8700/8900 PE  saw addition of 6.4 lakhs  so bulls started adding to their  position,still long way to go . FII added 21.2 K PE longs and 6.7 K shorted  PE were covered by them.
  • FII’s bought  265 cores  in Equity and DII sold 243 cores in cash segment.INR closed at 62.7.


Buy above 8742 Tgt 8766,8804 and 8840 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 8698 Tgt 8655,8630 and 8587 (Nifty Spot Levels)

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  1. Dear Brameshji,
    I need a small help.You are mentioning that FII BOUGHT 23.8K CE long and 17.5k CE were shorted by them, similarly FII added 21.2 k PE long and 67.5 shorted PE were PUTS were covered by them.Where do you download this data?Can you please give me the site address.

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