The Perfect Trader

The Perfect Trader

  • The Perfect Trader is patient with entries and exits.
  • The Perfect Trader is focused on what works not personal opinions.
  • They do not worry about missed trade.
  • The Perfect Trader does not boast while winning and does not become depressed while losing.
  • They are never too proud to admit when they are wrong and exit their trade.
  • They do not give unsolicited advice to other traders because they know everyone trades their own system and their own plan.
  • They are not angered by the market action with losses because they take full responsibility for all their trades.
  • They keep a detailed record of all their trades to learn from winners and losers.
  • They love trading and never stop learning and getting better.
  • The Perfect Trader always protects their capital through risk management, always trusts in their methods, always has faith in themselves and method, and always perseveres.

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  1. Ur word’s give confidence, and I need to learn from this,
    I’m thankful to u and your article, keep it up.

    Thank you

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