FII FnO Data Analysis for 24 Feb


  • FII’s bought 5.7 K contract of Index Future worth 121 cores, 6.8 K Long contract were added by FII’s and 1.1 K  short contracts  were added  by FII’s. Net Open Interest increased  by 7.2 K contract ,so FII’s added  long  and added shorts in Index Futures with high volumes,signifying rollovers are happening. As of now 37.9% Rollover is done in Nifty Future.
  • Nifty was consolidating for better part of day than big downmove started from  2 PM which saw Nifty declining and closing below its 20 SMA. Nifty also made low at 8737 which is 50% retracement and took support at blue line of gann box, Nifty has now corrected 133 points from high suggesting the current uptrend is over and tomorrow we need to see follow up move else can be false breakdown also.

NIFTY - Gann Box

nifty fibo

  • Nifty Future Feb Open Interest Volume is at 1.65 core with liquidation of 64  lakhs whole 64 lakh got rollovered in March series with addition of 36 lakhs, So 1 Cores NF got rollovered in range of 8900-8800.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 3.30 core with total contract traded at 6.6 lakh. PCR @0.81,strong chanve we can see pullback tomorrow if 8704 NS is protected.
  • 9000  CE  OI at 77.1  lakh with addition of 4 lakh so wall of resistance @ 9000 getting stronger.8500/8800 CE added 17.3 lakhs so bears  have added significantly,   8900 CE added 7.7 and 24 lakh added in this week so 8900 will add as big resistance.FII sold 3.8 K CE and 28.4 K CE were shorted by them.
  • 8700 PE OI@ 44 lakhs so strong base @ 8700. 8800/8900 PE  saw liquidation of 17 lakhs so bulls have started liquidating  .  FII sold 33.9 K PE and 10.4 K shorted  PE were covered by them.
  • FII’s bought 610 cores in Equity and DII sold 164 cores in cash segment.INR closed at 62.3.


Buy above 8788 Tgt 8837,8860 and 8900 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 8737 Tgt 8704,8655 and 8600 (Nifty Spot Levels)

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3 thoughts on “FII FnO Data Analysis for 24 Feb”

  1. FII have huge short positions, so they don’t allow nifty to move up.time to buy Friday 3.15 pm for budget rally.

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