You Are A Trader If ..

  • You look at mountain ranges and see 5-wave structures and 61% retracements.


  • You look at the night sky & see a hammer pattern instead of the Big Dipper.


  • You know that Head and Shoulders isn’t referring to a shampoo.
  • You go to the bathroom during market hours and it costs you Rs 50000.


  • You regularly check the Dow Jones price phone when you get up in the middle of the night .


  • The only cable channel number you know is CNBC.


  • You go to Pantaloon store and start thinking about manipulation in stock price


  • You go to Reliance FRESH Store and think about Buy Back by Reliance and think sab bakwas hai


  • You routinely starve yourself from 9:15 to 3 :30 IST.


  • Your’s friend name is SATYAM and u start think about RAJU.


  • You have no clue what a company does but know its symbol and 52wk high/low.


  • The last thing you do before falling asleep is check the US Market, and first thing after getting up is check the Asian markets, SGX nifty

16 thoughts on “You Are A Trader If ..”

  1. Some more:
    Mummy how was Nifty today?…I want to ask Papa for iPhone…

    Doctor his blood pressure varies as per there any medicine to control sensex???

  2. Lolz… That’s hilarious…
    You should also add, ‘Regularly following Bramesh’s blogs on technicals and reading FII F&O Data Analysis daily 😀

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