Things to keep in mind while trading

  • Do not trade because you want to trade, trade the system signals not the noise of Analyst. Wait for a reason to trade.
  • Trading is always not about making money, many times it is about preserving your profits and waiting on sidelines for trade set up to give entry.
  • Stop predicting about a top/bottom and focus more on making money.
  • In losing streaks trade smaller and smaller until you start winning again.
  • Don’t trade your opinions trade a carefully written trading plan that expresses a methodology with an edge.
  • Don’t trade your emotions trade your quantified entry set ups.
  • Stop exiting when your scared and exit with your trailing stop is hit.
  • Only trade when the market environment gives your system a green light, go to cash when the market gives your system a red light.
  • The Volatile the price action the more focused you have to be with your entries.

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