Nifty medium term view using Gann

Nifty has been in correction mode ever since it hit the High of 8180 on 08 Sep 2014, It has been in sideways choppy mode from that point of time.As discussed in our Facebook page we are seeing some big move coming in Nifty.

Using Gann 52 concept , classic technical Analysis I am putting forward the view till end of 2014, use the below view as an input to your trading/investing plan, Do not blindly follow the same, trading is all about probability and we are analyzing one of many probability.

1. Trendline Support



AS seen in above chart, Nifty is holding on to its trendline support and also 61.8% retracemetn @ 7784, low made was 7796 which signify bulls are still in control over market

2. Hammer Candlestick formation


A price pattern in candlestick charting that occurs when a security trades significantly lower than its opening, but rallies later in the day to close either above or close to its opening price. This pattern forms a hammer-shaped candlestick.Nifty has formed Hammer pattern near its swing lows as shown in above chart, so most of correction has ended with a hammer formation.


3. Gann Price Time Symmetry – Importance of 52

52 significant number in the Maya calendar  , Also as per Gann The square of 52 which is composed of 7 days is one of the most important for measuring price and time symmetry  Using the above concept I have tried to calculate the price and time symmetry in Nifty as seen in above chart

NIFTY - Box Analysis


So as per above analysis below is the calculation table

Price Time Symmetry

We have taken the High and low of 52 trading days so using the above concept we can see another high in range of 8550/8966 by December 2014.

This analysis will fail once nifty start trading below 7540 level

23 thoughts on “Nifty medium term view using Gann”

  1. Global markets melting. We are just another 4 days more for Dec 15 which should top out (Short term) as per 52 days cycle. Would you see an top coming or an low formation on Dec 15?

  2. Sir. We are pretty near by to 8650 Levels. Would you suggest going short aggressively here or to wait until Dec 15 which is 52 days trading cycle.

  3. Thank You Sir,
    This analysis helped me a lot. Most of the time I am on right track.Your understanding of the market is awsome.

  4. Sir,
    Your knowledge and analysis is outstanding. Never miss you daily analysis. Thanks for sharing so freely.

  5. Dear Sir,

    October 26th Major even for the world..European banks health report will be out…Either 6500 or 8900…Data will relieve the fact…This is my opinion…

  6. Brhmeshji,
    It is a good information that u r sharing with public. I wonder, how many types of technical analysis u know!. How, when and where could u learn all these types of analysis. Or are they your own innovation. If we come to u How long duration it takes to get this much knowledge from ur. training. Is it possible for us?

  7. We have seen this drama of Global investors many times…QE tapering….Interest Rates Hike….Ukraine-Russia…Emerging Markets CAD…and now Ebola, Gas Prices, Europe….Ebola will be cured sooner than later and IMFs prediction of Europe going into recession is as useless as IMF itself…With inflation coming under control and reforms kick starting tomorrow with Labor reforms…our market is all set for 8500+ soon…personal view only but Bramesh’s views on global scenario are always welcome

  8. Soni bhai joh dikhta hai woh hota nahi….and hota hai woh dikhta nahi… bramesh bhai says keep emotion out of trades….just work with levels…and it’s always a game of probability ….risk reward ratio. …so trade accordingly 🙂

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