Symptoms of Ego-Tizing Trading

  • Not putting in stops. The ego doesn’t want to be proven wrong.


  • Hesitating before putting on a trade. The ego wants reassurance before it begins.


  • Overtrading. The ego wants to prove itself big time.


  • Getting stuck in a trade. The ego has intertwined itself with a trade and is holding on for dear life. It cannot cut out. The ego doesn’t want to be wrong.


  • Adding to a losing trade. The ego digs its hole deeper in a massive effort to crawl out.


  • Grabbing a profit too soon. The ego wants a pat on the back.

7 thoughts on “Symptoms of Ego-Tizing Trading”

  1. Very practical example and it’s always happen with Amausure trader including with me most of the time and that’s why we are loosing money in trading

    Thank you very much for good Information

    Haresh Baraiya

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