How to trade Intraday and Positional Calls

By | August 16, 2014 6:09 am

I have been giving Intraday and Positional calls on my site, as many traders are asking me how to trade them. Please use the below points to trade the calls. I would request traders to do paper trade on both intraday and positional calls for sometime and once you are comfortable start trading in cash market before jumping in Futures.

How to take Intraday Trades

These were trading level of Hindalco in Friday’s Analysis

Intraday traders can use below levels to trade

Buy above 181 Tgt 183,185 and 189 SL 180

Sell below 176 Tgt 173,170 and 168 SL 179

1. Buy Trigger Point is 181, Now there are 3 cases possible at opening trade @ 9:15 a) Hindalco Open above 181 b) Hindalco Opens below 181 c) Hindalco Opens at 181

Lets take each case 1 by 1

a) Hindalco Open above 181 — In this case wait for Hindalco to come at 181 sustain near that level for 1-2 mins and take the trade.

b) Hindalco Opens below 181 — Wait for Hindalco to come at 181 sustain near that level 1-2 mins and take the trade.

c) Hindalco Opens at 181 — Take trade at opening only.

Few Point to consider before you take trade

  • Sometimes stocks move very fast in opening session, suppose you are not able to catch the trade just avoid it.
  • It might happen some time as soon as you take a trade Stock reverses back and hit the Stoploss, Do not feel bad about it just accept the loss and move out.
  • If Stop Loss gets triggers 2 times on Buy side/Sell Side  just avoid the trade for rest of the day as stock might move in Choppy range. Preservation of Capital is most important for traders. Do not force market to give money to you.
  • If Buy SL gets triggered or Tgts are achieved and Stock reverses back than same Rule apply for Sell. Eg. Hindalco after Hitting 1 Target on Thursday moves down and Made a low of 175.85 @2:40 PM . Now as our Sell call was below 176, as discussed let it sustain below 176 for atleast 1-2 mins stock did not sustain 1 min and we need to ignore the trade.
  • It might happen sometime stock just run away if we wait for 1-2 mins, do not feel bad about it. For us more important is capital preservation.
  • If Open = High avoid taking Buy Trade and if Open = Low avoid taking the SELL trade on the given day.
  • Do Remember Intraday trading requires utmost discipline and lots of practice so do not expect a positive results from day 1
  • If Stock is declaring Results on the day, try to take trades after results are out, and you get levels as mentioned.
  • These recommendations are only for those who continuously monitor the price movements and quickly make decision.
  • Only disciplined traders who are willing to book loss also should use these recommendations. Others can practice paper trades and gain confidence before they become actual traders.


How to take Positional Trades

These were trading level of Hindalco in Friday’s Analysis

Positional traders should look for close below 177 for short term target of 165.

So as per above analysis,only a close below 177 is trigger point for Positional trader to take trade.

  • If you are aggressive trader you can Trade Hindalco if it closes below 177 on 15 minutes Keep SL of 1% from entry. If 1 % SL is not triggered but Hindalco is closing above 177 than also you have to exit the trade.
  • If you are conservative trader wait for EOD close below 177 to take trade, It might happen EOD it might close around 174 so now if you take trade @174 risk will be increased so if you cannot handle just big risk avoid taking the trade.
  • For aggressive trader  carrying position for next day any EOD close above the trigger level becomes the SL ie. If Hindalco Closes above 177 on any given day trades has to be closed.
  • For Conservative trader  carrying position for next day any 1 Hour close above the trigger level becomes the SL ie. If Hindalco Closes above 177 on hourly basis  trades has to be closed.
  • Also do not wait for exact target to come ie. You can exit trades @ 167-168 or even 170 also if you are satisfied with profit.
  • Levels are applicable through out the series, Trade as and when levels come any point of time during the series.
  • If Stock Opens against you, exit the trade immediately.
  • These recommendations are only for those who continuously monitor the price movements and quickly make decision.
  • Only disciplined traders who are willing to book loss also should use these recommendations. Others can practice paper trades and gain confidence before they become actual traders.


Do understand the risk involved in trading and the result i publish in my Performance sheet can differ (you might do even better than me)  from your trades. Every trader has its way of doing trade, Basic Motto of publishing the Performance sheet was to make my own trading journal and to improve my analysis and trading skills.  Hope the above points will help in taking informed decision in trading.

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  1. Abhinav

    I have seen many a times the target T1 is achieved and prices reverse from there.. so waiting for t2 and t3 will result in losses. How do you recommend to trade here? with 4-5 lots for each or trailing SL?


    Hi bramesh, regarding the 1% SL for aggressive positional trader, its applicable only if the difference between entry price and trigger level is more than 1%…. other wise trigger price is the SL… am i correct?Thanks a lot and best wishes


    Hi sir, I am a newcomer to your site.I have a doubt.Suppose if on an intra day buy if the stock after triggerring the buy hits the 1st target and again comes to your buy level, can i enter the trade again.Please clarify sir

  4. Darshan

    Dear Sir,

    I have been following your trade and performance sheet for last 1-2 months.I have seen that so many time price get trigger but you are not taking trade.I also observe that for aggressive positional trader if trigger price sustain above 15min. chart then you have to buy and vice versa but many times you had not took trade.So,Kindly let me know how you figure it out ?

  5. mahi

    Dear sir, kindly tell me in your calls , which sl or entry level we follow , cash or future ? kindly clarify…Thank u.

  6. Dino

    I have traded consistently with profit (since 8 months) using your positional recommendations but now I would like to move to futures. I have two questions

    1. Do I need to look at spot prices before taking/closing a position on the derivative ?
    2 are the levels applicable to futures as well ? Or do we need to account things like premium, fair value etc

    Also thank you for such an informational blog.Kudos

  7. Bramesh Post author

    We advise traders to trade in cash market for 6 months before taking any trade in Futures and if consistently profitable for 6 months trade in futures.


  8. Harish

    Hi Bramesh,

    For Intra day, the levels are mentioned for spot. Does this mean we have to monitor the spot price and then book profit or loss ?

    For example Hindalco , Buy above 181 Tgt 183,185 and 189 SL 180

    If we buy future when spot moves above 181 and then if spot comes to 180 (SL), then book out loss in future , as we cannot put SL order in future corresponding to spot price.

    Please clarify.


  9. Pawan

    What do you mean by Positional trade on sell side. Is it allowed in Icicidirect to carry forward my short sell to next few days?

  10. Vetrikumaran

    Hello Bramesh Sir,

    Sir,you mentioned that avoid the trade If Open = High avoid taking Buy Trade and if Open = Low avoid taking the SELL trade on the given day…

    Which timeframe to be used to validate above scenario..1 or 5 or 15 mins.


  11. Bramesh Post author

    Dear Sir,

    We do not have any advisory service. We share our analysis with technical levels which can help you in our trading. Our aim is to make traders trade on their own not to be dependent on anyone for trade initiation..

  12. Srinivasan M D

    Bramesh ji, Do you provide the entry exit level on NF and Nifty options and if so we can I see this. All your post is very very informative and excellent. pls keep up the good work sir.

  13. ashok

    If you are conservative trader wait for EOD close below 177 to take trade, It might happen EOD it might close around 174 so now if you take trade @174 risk will be increased so if you cannot handle just big risk avoid taking the trade.

    Bramesh Sir,

    Pls can you explain detail the above step. Please..

  14. vandana yadav

    Thanks a lot sir for posting such useful information for starters like me….I am currently stuck with one lot of pnb futures which I had bought around Rs 137….did not get an opportunity to come out as there was high volatility on result day and I did not know trading rules well…after reading your article have come to know many vauleable tips and hopefully might be able to come out with profit from the pnb trade as well….thanks a lot for giving your guidance.

  15. Ganesh

    Sir please explain positional trade, when to take the trade at closing time or the next day

  16. Bramesh Post author

    Backtest make rule as per your trading personality will give u the answer

  17. Elan

    Dear Mr.Bramesh,
    Thank you for the excellent info. i have a doubt on placing order. Is it ok to place an order when price has crossed suggested buy price and target 1 and then started coming down some way between suggested buy price and target price 1?
    Thank you

  18. akhil maripally

    Sir,What are you a conservative or aggressive trader??According to the performance sheets(entry price),sometimes you are conservative and sometimes you are aggressive.

  19. Sheshnath

    Dear Brahmesh Sir, What Pivot point you use and how the buy above and sell below level is arrived? Your advice will be helpful.

    Thanks for all the great knowledge sharing you are doing.

  20. suresh

    For the stocks you are giving stoploss level. how to trade with Nifty for example buy above 7385. If nifty is trading 1 to 2 mins above 7385 we can take the poistion in Nifty.
    What will be the stop loss for this postion. 7380 kind of levels or we need to keep 10 to 20 points.
    Please suggest sir.

  21. vinod chaudhari


    kindly guide me for technical analysis.

    Which parameters di you use while analyzing the stocks and levels???

  22. sandip desai

    hi sir I m a commodity tradras.. n I rqst u for .. commodity recommandation on matel n enargy.. plzzz…

  23. Aditya jain

    Thanks for this is what I was asking for. Happy diwali to you and to all the members God bless you all and have a good one.

  24. rajeev kumar choudhary

    Sir i really appreciate your initiative.your articles are very good and informative for novice traders like me.i am a working professional who cant dedicate time to terminal during market hour so in this case which way i should i go intraday or positional?while going through your explanation about how to do positional trading i couldnt will be great help if you can elaborate little bit.


  25. anil wadhwa

    what is your own style of trading and how you enter and exit the trade which you mention as an aggressive trader or conservative trader ? i follow your trading journal some times it is not upgraded on regular basis do you upgrade it on expiry basis or what ?

  26. Bramesh Post author

    Open Positions are updated on the links given below. You can trade as per your risk profile.

  27. James

    Dear Bramesh sir , for positional / swing calls , what are maximum number of open positions ? Basically need to know know the capital required to trade all positional / swing calls once entry is triggered .

  28. anil wadhwa

    hi, bramesh
    dear you are doing very nobel work to share your knowledge with new traders
    who think market is any kind of gold mine where they can make huge some of money no doubts there are lots of people who have made very handsome money through the market but looser’s percentage are higher than the winners

    keep up this nobel work which you are doing lot’s of people’s well wishes are with you well done and have a wonderful life ahead

  29. rammohan200

    Bramesh, I am a newbie to the site and planning to do paper trading for a month to gain confidence. I am still not quite clear on Positional Trade Validity. Someone asked whether it is valid for even after 5 days and you said Yes. How long can we keep track of the recos given till it comes to the level? is 5 days can be treated as maximum and if the script doesnt come to the Trigger price, we let it go? Pl clarify and other points are clear/

  30. Raj

    I am also unable to find 15 minute charts anywhere. Please help Bramesh ji.

  31. Tarun_ghosh

    Hi Bramesh. for positional traders you have mentioned ” For aggressive trader carrying position for next day any EOD close above the trigger level becomes the SL ” So do we just stick to the trigger level and not the 1% SL level as on the previous day OR is it which ever comes first ? i mean if it hits the 1% SL level then also u exit without waiting for the closing

  32. Bramesh Post author

    Trading is all about understanding yourself. Intraday trading is all about reflexes how fast can u take action. Many traders fezzes after seeing prices.

    You need to adjust yourself based on Risk profile as a trader and on the system.

    Thumbrule of trading is never let winner turn to loser.

    Do not think about exiting at 2 and 3 target try to exit at 1 tgt make money increase confidence on system rest everything will follow.

    Once a good trade done avoid trading specially intraday.


  33. nagesh

    Hi Bramesh, So how do we take profits? Example: Maruti buy above 4040 for T-4055, 4079, 4090. Today it went from 4040 to 4052 and then to 4040, again from 4040 it went to 4059. So here there are two instances where it went from 4040. So, should we take a trade every time it comes to buy price? during the first instance should we book profits at 4052 or should we keep waiting for the first target, in this case it may also go back and hit my stop loss also. When do you book profits at T1 and wait for T2 and T3. It would really help to all the traders if this is explained. I am sure many of us have this doubt.

  34. Nimesh

    One should take positional entry just before close on EOD basis or at next day open?
    E.g. If buy XYZ if close above 100 & stock trades at say 100.3 near to close of day say 10 mins earlier. Can we take entry there?

  35. Bramesh Post author

    I mention only cash levels, when level is trigger u can trade in any month expiry

  36. milanhbk

    hello sir,
    suppose today is expiry, to follow your call we need to go for current month or next month. like you suggest to buy above 340 for XYZ.
    then we should go for current month expiry or next month?

  37. milanhbk

    Mr. Bramesh…
    thanks for this excellent article..
    i’m new trader… just started with Intraday Equities and Nifty Option Index.

    here you are talking about Positional call. this is for Futures only or you includes option also ?
    and Positional call for Equities are for Future/Option Both ?

    beacuse your trading call tips giving target of 3 times(different values) like 129,134,140 …if i bought x company at 124 , Qty : 300. so it means you are talking about placing 3 sell order each having 100 quantity.
    am i wrong ? if yes .. please correct to understand your tips

    your tips are very useful as per i’m following since 1 month.

    you also give tips for Nifty Call / Put?

  38. Bramesh Post author

    when 9:15 Open = 9:!5 High aviod taking buy trade and vice versa


  39. Kiruthika

    Sir Please explain this point.

    If Open = High avoid taking Buy Trade and if Open = Sell avoid taking the SELL trade on the given day.

    Thanks in advance

  40. Krishna

    Hi, Suppose you gave a positional level for x script on 1st feb. recommendation is to buy if closes abv 100. it closes below 100 for next 5 days. on 6th day is closes abv 100.

    Now is your positional recommendation is valid on that day or not?

  41. Mani

    So, in that case I take a positional call. And keep putting my SL as 177 every day till it goes towards my Target price. Do i adjust my SL or it stays at 177 all the time?

    Is my understanding clear?


  42. Bramesh Post author

    yes sir !! Do Understand always be conservative trader and once you have mastered the system than only move to aggressive trading.

    Protect your capital


  43. Mani


    So for an aggressive trader, we should not put intraday day SL and wait till EOD close to take a call on our positions?

    Is my understanding right?


  44. ovi

    Dear sir,
    Suppose 1)price close above level price than bought the stock 2) next day price goes down
    than what is stop loss

  45. Shiva Kumar

    Dear Bramesh, could you please give your website name exactly, from where i can see your recommendation in equity market in F&O segment before market opening.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shiva Kumar.

  46. Bramesh Post author

    Dear Shiva,

    You can visit the site before market opening, we share analysis for 3 scripts on daily basis.


  47. Shiva Kumar

    Dear Bramesh, Please suggest some good scripts to buy in futures & options which give good profit, from monday to friday i.e, 1st Dec-5th December, 2014. Kindly explain give us entry levels, stop loss and exit levels for both as intraday as well positional trader. This helps a lot of people like me.

    Note:-Dear Brother, This is my Humble request, If possible please send us scripts on daily basis before pre- market opening hours to trade in F&O segment.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shiva Kumar
    Vice President
    Axis Bank Ltd

  48. Amitabh jha

    Dear sir, kindly tell me your calls , whether to take for intraday or positional?? or it is good for both?? kindly clarify…Thank u.

  49. Pratheep

    Thanks for the post. I have two more queries:

    1) Today Lupin was Buy above 1343 but the price shoot up quickly to 1350 before our waiting time 2 mins. So my question is how much price increase after 2 mins is allowed to take the trade?

    2) Same way after 30 mins price came down to 1343 but after running till 1356 should we enter in Buy trade now or ignore the buy call?

    Thanks for your answer in advance.

  50. Damodar

    Bramesh ji. Hats off to you sir.kindly let me know the status of hdil in next one to two months. Pl. guide. Thanks.

  51. AMOL


  52. Praveen Khunte

    Thanks a lot Bramesh for taking effort in explaining to minute details. I started following your thread for more than a month. Though I have never traded till date, since I had many doubts. Now after going through your blog, I will start with minimum amount.

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