FII FnO data analysis for 30 June


  • FII’s bought 780  contract of Index Future worth 32  cores, 14.5 K Long contract were added  and 13.7 K short contracts were added by FII’s. Net Open Interest increased   by 28.2  K contract.FII’s have net 72K contract of Shorts open and 52.5K Contract of Long open in current series. If we removed last 2 days of shorts added by FII, we are left with 48K contract which were majorly added 01 July to 10 July when Nifty traded in range of 7677-7809, so 7677 below these shorts will become  profitable so FII’s will try to push index below 7677 to exit the trades in profit, unable to do so we can expire above 7800 so next 2 days we can see a 150+ move in market.
  • Nifty has corrected 100 points from the highs and took support at 7722, break of 7722 can see a quick down move till 7680-7670 levels, break below this level only panic will start. Nifty has closed below the 34 H EMA @7771, which needs to be watched closely tomorrow.

Nifty Hourly EW


nifty hourly

  • Nifty Future July Open Interest Volume is at 1.19 cores with liquidation of 29  lakh and same 29 lakh got rollovered in Aug series.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 2.84 lakh core with total contract traded at 2.5 lakh. PCR @0.94
  • 7800 CE  OI at 66.6 lakh  suggesting wall of resistance , 7700 CE saw 9.1 lakh suggesting bear are making preparation to break 7700  ,FII’s bought 1.8 K CE longs and 1.3 K  CE were  shorted  by   them.
  • 7700 PE OI@ 63.6 lakhs suggest bulls want to protect 7700 , 7800 PE liquidated 4.4lakhs .FII’s sold 2.3 K PE longs and  8.5 K  PE were shorted by them.
  • FIIs bought 75 cores in Equity and DII bought 55 cores in cash segment.INR closed at 60.1.


Buy above 7758 Tgt 7790,7834 and 7868 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 7714 Tgt 7680, 7640 and 7595 (Nifty Spot Levels)


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1 thought on “FII FnO data analysis for 30 June”

  1. Excellent Analysis Sir… Thanks.

    I feel Wednesday Range may be 7736-7832 and closing can be anywhere between 7757-7787

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