FII FnO Data Analysis for 18 July


  • FII’s bought  13636 contract of Index Future worth 520 cores, 6.5 K Long contract were added  and 7 K short contracts were squared off by FII’s. Net Open Interest came down by 530 contract.
  • NIfty closed above the supply zone of 7570-7585 and this zone will become support of the Nifty, Nifty was unable to cross the Golden Ratio @ 7661, made high of 7656. Close above 7661 open upside till 7700/7731. Also Gann fan also indicate resistance @ green line. Weekly Closing tomorrow Bulls will like to see closing above 7689 and bear below 7595. As per time analysis another big move is round the corner.

nifty daily

Nifty has been rising continuously and is approaching the upper trend line which is near 7661-7672 range price action der will be interesting to observer to get further clues.

nifty hourly

  • Nifty Future July Open Interest Volume is at 1.48 cores with addition of 2.6 lakh suggesting long addition . As discussed  important point to not is 1 core of Index Futures got rollovered in range of 7616-7500 and Nifty is trading well above this zone, this price zone implies a very significant price band.Now this zone  of 7600 will become support now.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 1.68  lakh core with total contract traded at 2.6 lakh. PCR @0.90. VIX has been declining steadily trading @ 14.96. Such Low VIX indicated overconfidence in Option Writers, expect a shocker soon.
  • 8000 CE  OI at 87.5  lakh  suggesting wall of resistance ,  7700 CE saw 10.7  lakh addition suggesting Bears are building wall of resistance @ 7700 ,FII’s sold  9.1 K CE longs and 5.2 K shorted  CE were covered by them.
  • 7500 PE OI at 66.8  lakh saw addition of 6  lakh so strong support of 7500 , 7400 PE also added 3.6 lakhs.Addition in OTM PE suggests profit booking can be seen in coming 2 days .FII’s bought 23.7 K PE longs and  2.9 K  PE were shorted by them.
  • FIIs bought 1912   cores in Equity and DII sold 1316  cores in cash segment.INR closed at 60.17.


Buy above 7661 Tgt 7679,7702 and 7731 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 7630 Tgt 7615, 7593 and 7573 (Nifty Spot Levels)


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