Nifty @ new high: List of Outperformer and Underperformer

By | July 24, 2014 5:21 pm

The Nifty has hit fresh all-time high of 7835, its third record in a month but the euphoria is masked by rather harsh reality.

As many as 33 stocks in the Nifty basket along with CNX small cap and CNX mid-cap remained far removed from the partying crowd. The two indices have underperformed to the extent of -5.3 percent and -4.3 percent, respectively since July 8 — the day Nifty made its previous all-time high of 7808.

Interestingly, the Indian stock market is one of the top performers in the world today, but sort by market capitalization and you will find its current USD 1.49 trillion is lower than USD 1.62 trillion witnessed in 2010, says a report in ET.

Let us examine Nifty out performers that led the Nifty to 7809 level.

Here’s the list of top Out performers.



It is apparent that the ride to this new level was shouldered by only six stocks.

Bulk of the Nifty constituent have moved away from their July 8 levels, with BHEL surfacing as the top loser.

Here’s the list of top under performers.



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7 thoughts on “Nifty @ new high: List of Outperformer and Underperformer

  1. Tekkie Suresh

    This is a true sucker`s rally. It will make perma bulls to buy near the top and perma bears to cover near the top..Probably both are happening as of now…and then…

  2. shailesh

    Sir your analysis is perfect 95% of the times do you conduct classes to understand OI,Call put ratio and other indicators to understand the moment of market
    Please suggest the good books from which a layman can understand the basics of option…and people who play in option

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Dear Shailesh,

      I firmly believe market is the best teacher, I learnt everything from market, I do not like to read books.



        Bramesh, I do not believe what you said that “I do not like reading book”. You digested Mark Douglas – Trading in the Zone and The disciplined trader books. May be Ari Keiv etc. I recommend novice trader to go through above books.
        A few words about you. You look very young (at least in Photo). What knowledge and experience you earned stuns me. I think you had good GURU/Mentor and you are disciplined by birth. Added to that you understand risk/market very well.

  3. Harvir Singh

    Hi Bramesh, Would be a delight if you can do a post with all nifty 50 or NSE100 rated in percentage wise of the top performers and underperformers and laggards.


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