Nifty Weekly Analysis as per Elliot wave and Gann

Last Week we gave Chopad level of 7506, Nifty did 1 target on upside and 1 target on downside in a highly volatile week. Worries of deficient rainfall, Iraq war and its effect on Brent Crude has kept markets on edge. .Lets analyze how to trade Nifty in expiry week.  Nifty Hourly Chart Hourly charts … Read more

Why Human Nature Works Against You as a Trader

In this article, we attempt to look at the psychological elements of trade, risk, and money management as presented in the  Successful Traders research series. The goal of trading is to make money by forecasting future price movements.This is inherently difficult because, as human beings, we cannot tell the future. Surely many new traders analyze … Read more

Trade Like a Casino House

Any quick drive through Goa Casino makes it pretty clear who is making in the money – the Casinos! Why do gamblers keep going back despite losing most of the time?  Misplaced hope, fantasies about the big win, promising themselves they will walk away when they are up and still winning, and probably the inability … Read more

How to Identify Bull Market

You are in a bull market, When….. You offer your broker a car each morning so he doesn’t need to take the Mumbai local to get to the terminal by 9.19 am. The pink papers are the first to disappear from your lap when you fall asleep on a flight. Every third executive works through … Read more