Questions to ask Yourself Before Every Trade

  • What is the overall direction the market is moving with in your time frame and the larger time frame?


  • What time frame will you be trading with your next trade?


  • What is your entry signal and what is its historical performance as a winning set up?


  • How much money will you risk on this trade?


  • How big will your position be for this trade?


  • How will you know you are wrong and stop your loss?


  • How much profit do you believe is possible if it moves in your favor?


  • How will you know when it is time to exit with a profit?


  • What is your ratio of reward versus risk?


  • How many trades will you have on at any one time?

2 thoughts on “Questions to ask Yourself Before Every Trade”

  1. I have a challenge in deciding when to exit. I generally use te Moving avg lines on the chart. I keep an exit when it breaks but there r most times when it would reverse soon. Your thoughts? I trade intraday.

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