FII FnO Data Analysis for 06 May


  • FII’s bought 2668 contract of Index Futures worth 86 cores (5.7 K  longs were added and 3 K shorts were added in Index Future) with net OI increasing by 2.6 K contracts. So today’s FII’s first time in the series added substantial amount of longs in index futures.
  • Nifty closed below its 20 DMA for 4 day in row which is bearish in short term, but momentum is missing on downside suggesting bears are unable to capitalize on the downside. As per time analysis  bulls will make a rally of 80-100 points in next 1-2 days and close nifty above 20 DMA. Elliot wave always shows the same possibility as shown in below chart. Low of 6656 should be held for the above scenario to materialize.

Nifty Hourly EW

  • Nifty Future May Open Interest Volume is at 1.31 cores with addition of of 2.8  lakhs in Open Interest, suggesting bullish position getting added.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume at 0.69 lakh core with total contract traded at 1.8 lakh , PCR (Put to Call Ratio) at 0.95
  • 7000 Nifty CE  is having highest OI at 40.7  lakhs , resistance for the market with almost no addition, 6800 CE  with OI at 31.7  Lakhs,saw liquidation of0.46  lakhs suggesting bears are liquidating position on  6800 and it will be difficult to cross 6800. FII’s sold 7.1  K CE longs and 18.7 K CE  were shorted by them.6300-7000 CE added 2.4 lakhs.
  • 6500 PE   is having highest OI at  40.9  lakh  remains a strong support for the series, 6800 PE  saw  a addition of 0.87  lakhs in OI show smart money buying 6800 PE.FII’s bought 16.2 K PE longs and 13.3 K PE were shorted  by them.6300-7000 CE added 9.1 lakhs. Looking at Option data it seems FII’s are playing for range bound move from 6600-6800.


  • FIIs bought 279 cores in Equity and DII sold 224 cores in cash segment.INR closed above 60.21.

Buy above 6707 Tgt 6733,6765 and 6780 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 6690 Tgt 6666, 6641 and 6601 (Nifty Spot Levels)

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