Nifty Weekly Forecast for RBI Policy week

Last Week we gave Chopad level of 7376, Nifty did 2 target on upside and 3 target on downside .Outcome of RBI’s monetary policy review to dictate trend.Lets analyze how to trade Nifty before Modiji PM swearing ceremony and expiry week. Nifty Hourly Chart Nifty Hourly charts will given a breakdown  above 7193 and now … Read more

Option Traders:Avoid this mistake Part-I

In this article I’ve analyzed  common option trading mistakes. Options are by nature a more complex than simply buying and selling stocks. For example, when you buy options, not only do you have to be right about the direction of the move, you also have to be right about the timing.Also, options tend to be … Read more

Is Trading the most difficult profession ?

In this cutthroat world we live in, we often follow the motto, “The ends justify the means.” Blind ambition, self-sacrifice, and extreme self-control are valued. If you can work tirelessly, wait long enough, and quickly recover from endless setbacks, you’ll be one of the select few who survive and reap the rewards. It’s true in … Read more

Nifty forming triangle, FII data Analysis

FII’s bought 187 contract of Index Futures worth 15 cores (2.1 K  longs were added and  1.9 K shorts were added in Index Future) with net OI increasing by 4.1  K contracts.FII’s playing for range bound moves till expiry. Nifty is forming a triangle on daily charts, height of triangle comes at 434 points. Now … Read more