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Last Week we gave Chopad level of 12851 and Bank Nifty did 2 target on downside.Inflation and IIP data both were disappointing leading to fall in Bank Nifty, initial 2 days but a quick recovery in last trading session helped Bank Nifty to recoup losses, We have Expiry in coming week so Lets analyze how to trade bank nifty in next 3 trading sessions.

Bank Nifty Hourly Elliot Wave Analysis

BANKNIFTY - Primary Analysis - Apr-20 2337 PM (1 hour)

Bank Nifty hourly charts is shown with Short term Elliot wave analysis,Initial Target of this upmove comes around 13118.

Bank Nifty Daily

Bank Nifty Daily

Bank Nifty on daily chart is near its resistance area.Breakout comes above 13118 for target of 13400 and new life high .Strong support at 12500. Bank Nifty took twice support around 20 DMA, till its not broken it remains in Buy on Dips.

Fibonacci technique

Fibonacci fan

Bank NIfty FF

Bank Nifty Fibonacci fan is near its Fibo Fan resistance level as seen in above chart.

Bank NIfty FR

Fibo Retracement also signalling bank nifty will march towards its all time high of 13400 once its able to close and sustain above 13000.

Bank Nifty Weekly

Bank Nifty Weekly

Bank Nifty Weekly chart is trading in the upper channel and suggests still more steam in left in rally once Bank nifty cross and sustains above 13100 on weekly basis we are heading towards a new life high .

Bank Nifty Monthly

Bank Nifty Monthly

Bank Nifty has risen 18.5% in March series,April month has showed a strong support near 12500.


 Bank Nifty Trading Levels

Bank Nifty Trend Deciding Level:12836

Bank Nifty Resistance:12960,13018,13200

Bank Nifty Support:12706,12576 and 12446

Levels mentioned are Bank Nifty Spot

Let me go by Disclaimer these are my personal views and trade taken on these observation should be traded with strict Sl

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