Inspiring & Motivating story for traders

By | April 26, 2014 8:55 am

There was a boy named Masaru in Japan. When he was young, he wanted to learn & master Judo. Unfortunately, he lost his left hand after an accident. He became very sad. When his father saw his condition, he took him to one the Great Masters of Judo in Japan. After thoroughly analyzing Masaru, the Master told him to come from tomorrow for practice.

Masaru became very happy after hearing this. On the first day, the Great Master taught him one trick and instructed him to practice it.
After one week, Masaru came back to the Master and asked for teaching him another trick as had practiced the first one long enough. Master replied him to practice the same trick again & again.Another week passed, months and years passed.

One day, after 10 years of practice, Master informed Masaru that he has nominated his name for the national championship of Judo which will be conducted in Japan, next month. Masaru was shocked after hearing this as he had been practicing only one trick for the last 10 years.

Master told him to be relaxed and calm. One the day of championship, Master advised Masaru to remain calm and concentrate on the fight and use only that trick which he has taught him. Masaru won the first fight and then the second one and gradually, he entered semi finals. He couldn’t believe himself. Master again advised him to remain calm and concentrate on the fight and use the same trick again and again.

Masaru managed to enter the finals and then he thought that now it’s time to face the best one in Judo in Japan and the opponent will beat him very easily as he knows only one trick. When Master came to know about this, he gave him the same advice.

After the finals, Masaru won and couln’t believe himself and started weeping as he was underdog during the start of championship and he defeated the best Judo champion in Japan.

When Masaru went to Master asked him how it happened, the Great Master replied that for the last 10 years, he has been practicing only one trick and he has become master of that. To counter this trick, the opponent has to hold his left hand which which he didn’t have. His weakness became his strength and he won.

Moral: If we relate this to trading and concentrate on only one strategy, whether intraday, swing or positional (which one is comfortable with), and keep on practicing it, no matter what happens, we will succeed in trading.

9 thoughts on “Inspiring & Motivating story for traders

  1. sujan

    this story is as like ‘eshop’s feabeles story , but real stock market trading is very cruel, and market is not a story book


    Excellent Mr Bramesh, Masaru is a great inspiration ., I love the boy Mr Masaru. Thank you Mr Bramesh and post more such stories.

    I used to watch “Karate Kid” English Movie of same kind. Practice makes a man perfect

  3. saravanan

    we all know patience & beliveness will pay later
    I am expecting that things to happen in coming days


    The Master did not reveal the left hand thing initially to avoid complacency ?.
    And the disciple trusted the master completely , otherwise he would not have gone to championship with just one system/skill.

    All in all – I liked the 10 year practice part.

  5. Mukul

    Excellent thoughts. Practice Cosistancy Patients & more importantly trust on teacher is important.

  6. Nikhil

    Good read, gives confidence to keep on following the system no matter what. On time as market has been kind of range bound last few days and not rewarding handsomely


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