Are Indian stocks in bubble territory?

Whenever something reaches lifetime highs, questions are asked whether the asset class in question is in bubble territory. Indian equities would certainly qualify to be at the receiving end of such a scrutiny. Both Nifty and the Sensex are being seen flirting with their all time highs with consistent regularity these days. The latest such … Read more

Qualities Every Trader must have

1) Strategy – There are so many different strategies: value, growth, momentum, short selling, etc. Find one that fits your personality and do your best to master it. The fastest way to learn is to study success. In other words, find someone who is successful at the strategy you like, and then mimic them with your … Read more

FII F&O Analysis for March Derivative Expiry

FIIs bought 26292 contracts of Index Future worth 884 cores (339 Long contracts were  added and 25.9 K short contract  were squared off ) with net Open Interest decreasing by 25.6 K contracts, so FII’s were in square off mode in shorts. Nifty made a new life high again today 6627,and closing just above the … Read more