Why Is Trading So Hard?

At one point or another, everyone who has interactions with the market asks oneself, “Why is trading so hard?” There are legitimate reasons why trading should be difficult: markets are highly random; whatever edge we can find is eroded by competition from smart, well-capitalized traders; some traders work within various constraints; and markets are subject … Read more

Nifty March Series overview

FIIs bought 44108 contracts of Index Future worth 1384  with net Open Interest decreasing by 1.84 lakh contracts, so FII’s liquidated majority of shorts today.These are expiry numbers and should not be given much importance. Nifty is near its Fibo fan resistance as seen in below chart, We have Weekly and Monthly closing tomorrow, Bulls … Read more

Trading Basics

The market is not physical. It’s an amalgamation of the mindset of all trading participants. The daily tug-of-war between the bulls and the bears reveals what they are thinking on a daily basis. Make sure to look at the market’s close in relation to the session high and low. Never buy just because the price … Read more

India VIX Futures Details

India today joined a growing list of Asian-Pacific countries providing investors a way to hedge against stock market volatility. On Wednesday, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd., the country’s largest stock exchange by trading volume, launched a futures contract tied to volatility in its benchmark CNX Nifty stock index. The index typically gains value when … Read more