FII F&O data analysis for 26 Nov

FIIs bought 17565 contracts of Index Future (bought 13560 long contract and 4005 shorts were covered ) worth 534 cores with net Open Interest increasing by 9555 contracts.So FII’s used rise to enter longs exit only partial shorts.Out of 44K shorts entered since 19 Nov FII in today’s rise of 132 points covered just 4K contract suggests … Read more

5 Principles of Trading Psychology

Trading is a performance activity Like the playing of a concert instrument or the playing of a sport, trading entails the application of knowledge and skills to real time performances and this is the core idea behind my most recent book.  Success at trading, as with other performances, depends upon a developmental process in which … Read more

Tata Steel,Century and Indusind bank technical analysis

Tata Steel Tata Steel had a awesome bull ride, prices are consolidating and positional shorts can be taken below 377 for short term target of  364 and 343.4 Buy above 386 Tgt 389,393 and 398 SL 384 Sell below 383.5 Tgt 380,375 and 370 SL 385   Indusind Bank   Triangle formation explosive move round … Read more

How to control Fear, hope and greed in Trading

Fear, hope and greed are probably the three most common emotions traders deal with.  Holding on to losers, exiting too early, or jumping in before confirmation are just a few examples of the things we do when emotion manages our trades for us.  Trading without well-defined boundaries can be tempting, especially when things like intuition … Read more