Japanese Stocks crashes 8%

Nikkie Japenese Stock market Plunge Over 1500 Points in 1 day from its highs and down 1150 (over 7%) from yesterday’s close- Biggest Drop In 26 Months

All the time it is just the quadrillion JPY second-largest bond market in the world that is experiencing volatility on an unprecedented scale, the BoJ and her partners in crime are more than willing to ‘officially’ say “please do not worry.” But when the equity market – that barometer of everything good and holy about Abenomics starts to crater, you can bet the excuses will come fast and furious. Today’s drop of over 800 points from the earlier highs is the largest drop for the Nikkei 225 since March 2011. In fact given the price levels this drop is on par the post-Lehman moves in 2008. The question now (with US equity futures also fading fast) is how will the peripheral crap that the Japanese have been buying hold up with this crimping in their plan as Japanese bonds and stocks dump?


High-to-low this is the biggest drop in 22 months…

Close-to-close this is the biggest drop in the Nikkei in over two months

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