Stock Trading Method:IFCI,PFC and PNB


PFC has been giving good trading opportunity, as trading in tight band of 203-213.Buy Support and Sell resistance is an ideal strategy to follow in PFC till we see either Breakout or Breakdown.

Sell below 210.2 Tgt 208,204.5 and 202 SL 213

Buy above 214 Tgt 216.3,217.5 and 219.5 SL 212.5




PNB came with good set of numbers yesterday stocks rose 10% with record volumes. 920 is trend decider level today to see if follow up rally is seen or not. Unable to cross 920 will qualify as double top and stock can see a pullback.

Buy above 921 Tgt 930,937 and 946 SL 913

Sell below 901 Tgt 886,872 and 861 SL 912




IFCI has formed a triangle pattern and bounced from lower support at 32.8, today we have the litmus test of trendline resistance of 35.7,Able to cross the same a rally will continue further.

Buy above 35.7 Tgt 36.6,38.4 and 40 SL 35.2

Sell below 34.5 Tgt 33.6,32.8 and 32 Sl 35.3


Levels mentioned are SPOT levels.

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