Will Jan 22 be top of S&P 500?

S&P 500 the Index world tracks has been rallying from past 4 years. Rally which started in 2009 continues till date taking S&P 500 to a 5 year High and NASDAQ to decade high. Looking the time value of the rally since 2009 bottom  Newedge’s Brad Wishak  came out with a stunning revelation.

Golden Ratio or 61.8% retracement gave an excellent follow through between one rally to another.

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As Wishak comments: “obvious is the diminishing marginal utility of each bath of QE manifesting itself in shorter and shorter rallies. Less obvious is the underlying rhythm of the start and stopping points. Applying the 61.8% retrace to time, called the the most recent September stock highs within 4 days. And projecting this pattern forward, we’re now just around the corner from the next 61.8% top, which hits on January 22.”


The famous crash of 2007-08 also started on 21-22 Jan, so be cautious of Jan 22. Do note this is an statistical data not a trading advise.

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