Importance of Effective Trading Plan in trading profitably

Success is defined by the achievement of pre-established goals.


The key to becoming a successful trader is identifying, quantifying, strategizing, implementing, tracking, analyzing, learning and growing as a conscious person.

You see, there is no such thing as “easy money”. Let’s get this upfront right now, trading is not easy and not for just anybody.

  • How many people do you know who have an idea of what they want out of life?
  • How many people do you know who understand what makes them happy and what fulfills their needs?

Probably not many and this is where becoming a successful trader begins…..understanding yourself.

You define what success means to you.

If you don’t know what that is, how can you reach it?

Indeed, this process lies at the heart of building a trading plan for success.





There are two fundamental and interconnected strategies in becoming a successful trader:

1) A trader learns how to identify high probability trades with regularity and cut losses immediately. Eg: Today we prepared our trading plan for ICICI Bank, Buy above 1214 and 1232 Sl 1203… ICICI made high of 1232 and turned back even results which came out were pretty good.

Trading plan keeps you calm and give you levels to enter exit and where to cut the trades.

2) A successful trader has more winning trades with more profits than losing trades.
For example, if you make 20 trades and win 60% and the winners have an average gain of 10% and losing trades have an average loss of 3%, you will have a net overall gain of about 7% It is the combination of win-loss ratio and the average differential between profitable and losing trades that determines success…over time.



Trading is not about hitting home runs but hitting for average.

Traders develop a trading system which will provide a higher than chance win-loss ratio and try to make sure that profits have higher return on investment (ROI) than losing trades. In theory, even a less than chance ratio can still provide for profitable trading if there is a significant difference in profitable versus losing trades.

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5 thoughts on “Importance of Effective Trading Plan in trading profitably”

  1. hi, im captain santosh, i wish 2 learn trading. as nw im working as a NSG Commando(black cats commando),i dnt get enough time to think of doing trading stuffs. Can u send me let me knw how to make a system, n also send me a picture of ur system if possible.
    Thanx in advance,
    Captain santosh

  2. Dear Amitji,

    Yes the system is based for Intra day trades. To see Demo I can send you the trades i excecute based on the system.

    I take a 4-5 Hours Session on explaining the concepts and most important part understanding the psychology of market.

    Please mail me on or call me @09985711341 to get into details.

    We are trading with these levels today

    Buy at/above 5890.5625 Targets: 5906.810742 5926.0355 5945.291492 5964.578719 5983.89718

    Sell at/below: 5871.390625 Targets: 5855.176125 5836.057195 5816.969531 5797.913133 5778.888


  3. So you do sell the mechanical based trading system for traders? how much is the price for it and also can i see demo of it so that i can decide to go for it.


  4. Dear AmitJi,

    We have designed a system based on Mechnical (Gann/Pivots )and Dynamic System(Charts) for both intraday and Positional Basis


    Today we are short from 5852 NF and covered our last lot @5797 which was no as per our system


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