Stock Swing Trade:HUL,Dish TV and KTK Bak



HUL we have covered 2 weeks before the results came and clearly indicated below 100 DMA stock will continue its fall till 470. Stock achieved target yesterday. Drawing Fibo Fans it seems stock has formed short term bottom if 462 is not broken on weekly closing basis.

Buy above 484 Tgt 489,495 and 500 SL 482

Sell below 479 Tgt 473,467 and 463 Sl 482

KTK Bank


KTK Bank is coming out with its results today. Stock formed an gravestone doji yesterday unable to break the trendline resistance of 182. Strong support exists at 172. Retail traders try to be away from this stock at least in Futures coz stock will be very volatile today,Breakout above 182 and breakdown below 172.

Buy above 176.3 Tgt 179.5,182 and 185 Sl 174.6

Sell below 172.4 Tgt 171,167 and 164 SL 174.6

Dish TV

Dish TV

Dish TV has a bad history of falling on results day and continuing the trend for next 3-4 trading sessions.Stock came out with pretty bad set of number but long term story in digitization is still alive and investors should use the dips to buy, Traders trade as per levels.

Buy above 74.6 Tgt 76.5,77.4 and 78.3 SL 73.6

Sell below 73 Tgt 72.2,71.2 and 70 SL73.6

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