Economic Calendar for Week Jan 07-11


• Dec Imports & Exports YoY% (10-15 Jan)
• Monthly Wholesale Prices (14 Jan)
• CPI (YoY) (14 Jan)


• Jan initial jobless claims (10 Jan)
• Nov wholesale inventories (10 Jan)
• Nov trade balance (11 Jan) India
• Dec Imports & Exports YoY% (10-15 Jan)


• Dec Consumer price index yoy (9-13 Jan)
• Dec Producer price index (9-13 Jan)
• Dec Imports & Exports YoY% (10-13 Jan)
• Advance Retail Sales (15 Jan)
• Producer Price Index (MoM) (15 Jan)
• Consumer Price Index (MoM) (16 Jan)


• Nov Euro-zone PPI YoY (8 Jan)
• Nov Euro-zone unemployment rate (8 Jan)
• ECB announces interest rates (10 Jan)
• Euro-zone Trade Balance (15 Jan)
• Euro-zone CPI (16 Jan)

6 thoughts on “Economic Calendar for Week Jan 07-11”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I second your point of view but you need to understand i need to provide all information to my readers.


  2. I just wanted to make my point.There is one saying that Bhav is Bhagwan! Price will always reflect fundamentals and technicals.Price always discounts everything.I am sorry Bramesh if I was rude but you as a knowledgeable person will understand what I meant to say.Good luck and bye.

  3. Just My 2 cents. I am trading in futures just for the 5 months(oh god it’s already 5 months). Based on my experience Both TA as well as Important news is conjoined twins for a successful trading. One can’t exist without the other. In Trading world there is nothing like hard core truth, anything can happen (.. and everything happens) when the bell rings.

  4. Dear Sir,

    Mine is a Global Blog there are major Visitors from US,UK so i need to provide Economic data from the users perceptive. Thanks for your suggestion.. Do remember what you consider stupid from your perceptive can be of great value to some other trader.

  5. I don’t understand that you are technical analyst and also talking of economic news,which is absurd and stupidity.Either you follow news or technicals.If you follow both you will never make money.Your knowledge will be as good as teacher only.You can make money while teaching but not as a trader.Sorry but true!!!!!!!!!

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