Swing Trading Calls:Adani Enterprises,Pantaloon Retailand Tata Motors

Traders who need to make money “right now” will trade more aggressively not realizing that the market will do what it wants when it wants regardless of the sand left in the hour glass.  I don’t know about others but I would much rather chase three turtles than one rabbit any day.  Slow and steady determines the pace while fast and furious can end the race.

Adani Enterprises

Adani has been trading in the range of 208-233.

Sell below 226 Tgt 224,220 and 215

Tata Motors

Tata Motors came with a bad set of numbers. Stock is bound to open gap down. 258-260 is the range where support can emerge. Failing to do so stock will can break its recent swing low of 245

Sell below 257 Tgt 254,250 and 245


Pantaloon Retail

Pantaloon is near its trendline resistance of 203 and unable to cross the same can lead the stock back to 190 odd levels.

Sell below 199 Tgt 194,189 and 185

Buy above 204.5 Tgt 208,213 and 216

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