Intraday Swing Calls: Apollo Tyre,Rcom and Ashok Leyland

Successful traders accept and expect losses. Losses are endemic to trading; they are the cost of doing business. The consistently successful trader accepts deep in his heart that his winnings will be tempered with inevitable loss. But the trader anticipates his ultimate triumph because he has structured the probabilities in his favor”.-LBR

“To be a successful trader you need to trade without fear. When you use fear as a resource to limit yourself, you will create the very conditions you are trying to avoid. Or to say this another way, you will experience your fears.”-Mark Douglas

Reliance Communication


Rcom took support at 60.8 after 10 days of consolidation in the range of 65-60,Stocks look good to get out of the range if 60.8 is broken on downside.

Sell below 60.4 Tgt 59 and 57.2


Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is forming an ascending triangle with top at 24.95 and low at 21.2, So a move of Rs 3 is on Cards.

Sell below 24.6 Tgt 24.3,23.6 and 23


Apollo Tyre

Descending Triangle with multiple support around 88.6 Break of same can lead to 86 odd levels.


Buy above 90 Tgt 91.2,92.2 and 93.7

Sell below 88.4 Tgt 87.2,85.6 and 83.7

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