Intraday,Swing Calls:Infosys,Arvind and Sterlite

By | September 10, 2012 9:13 am

Faith in your system = Belief through back testing + Experience of winning with it for years

Whether  any individual trade is a winner or loser should not influence your faith in your system and trading method. You should trade in a way that each trade is just one trade out of the next 100. Much of emotional trading can be overcome when you do not have doubts about your method. When you hold an almost religious fervor over believing in your method, system, risk management, and your own discipline you will overcome many of the emotional problems that arise in the heat of action during a live market.


Infosys has acquired Lodestone Holding AG, a leading global management consultancy firm.Stock will react positively .The most important level to watch is 2522. IF its able to cross this level rally will continue.

Buy above 2522 Tgt 2532,2544 and 2555


Arvind is on its uptrending mode and now on the verge of breaking out the strong resistance zone of 66.9

Buy above 67.5 Tgt 68.2,69 and 69.75



Sterlite after getting a pounding from 115 to low of 92 in 12 sessions.

Buy above 99 Tgt 100.35,101,103.6 and 105.2



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